Community Grants


  • Provide sustainable improvements in TB and basic health care for the underserved population, meeting needs in present and indefinite future;
  • Encourage locally developed, community-based solutions that deliver immediate and tangible benefits;
  • Use Firland grant as seed money to encourage and initiate innovative projects with partners
  • Occasionally, we will fund grants related to other chronic lung diseases


  • Improve health in communities of need by setting up long-term, self-sustaining programs that will have dramatic, positive, lasting impact on the children and families in those communities.
  • Provide funding for medical clinics, train health workers and supply existing clinics and hospitals with equipment and supplies.
  • When necessary to support the success of our primarily objective, we may also support clean water, health education and micro-business projects.

Other Criteria:

  • The foundation awards the majority of its grants to 501 (c)(3) organizations and other non-profit or tax-exempt organizations.
  • We do not award grants to individuals.
  • Projects should have measurable results with an identified, reliable reporting mechanism.
  • When possible, we encourage collaboration with government, NGO, or other non-profit partners to enable broader project reach and take advantage of current infrastructure.