Grants Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Apply?

An outline of the process can be found here. You must complete our on-line forms. Applicants must first fill in the Letter of Intent form and then will either be invited to apply or will receive a notification by email stating they are not eligible for Firland Foundation funds.

 Are non-profit organizations eligible for funding?

Yes. However, Firland does not provide grants to individuals or private foundations with the exception of the Cedric Northrop and Graduate Pulmonary Nursing Fellowships.

Do you fund grants for multiple years?

Multi-year grants, especially those relating to capital projects, are eligible for funding.

Can I apply in multiple years?


If my organization has received a grant from the Firland Foundation in the past, do I still need to submit a letter of intent?


When I will be notified?

On or before June 1.

When will funds be available?

July 1 contingent on Human Subjects Approval for clinical research studies.

Who reviews my grant application?

The Grants Committee reviews and makes funding recommendations to the Board.

Can I request a no-cost extension?

For projects requesting a no-cost extension, a progress report is due by June 30 of each year until the project is completed. The report should include progress to date, budget monies spent and an explanation of any unexpected issues affecting completion of the project.

Can I apply for supplemental funding?

Yes. However, grantees are not eligible to apply for additional grants unless all previously funded Firland projects are completed and a final report has been submitted.

Are applications accepted outside of the March due date?

Yes. Grants received at other times may be reviewed on an individual case by case basis.

How can I receive updates on the status of my application?

Log into the grants portal using your username and password. Information about the status of your application along with any missing information is available. You will also receive emails noting the receipt of your application and notifying you whether your application was accepted or denied.

I have forgotten my username and password, how can I get it sent to me again?

On the login page of the grants portal, click on the link to have your user name and/or password sent to you.

I have a question that is not answered above, how can I contact you?

You may email us ( Any correspondence referencing a completed application MUST include your grant number.