Mission Statement:  “Developing People While Defeating TB Since 1955”

Firland Foundation operates with two goals;   1) To provide employment for people with disabilities through the operation of the Firland Workshop. The purpose is to provide employees opportunities to be self-supporting, so that they may lead productive and independent lives.    2) To use the income generated from the workshop to provide grants directed toward the funding of research and treatment of tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases, to build regional capacity, and to support advocacy for the control and elimination of TB.

Firland Values — “ I React”:

Do the right things for the right reasons by everyone.

Respect Treat all others as you would like to be treated, fairly and with dignity.

Excellence — Deliver the best outcomes and highest quality components through the dedicated effort of every team member.

Accountability — If it is to be, it is up to me; if you see an issue raise your hand.

Continuous Improvement — Is a way of life and part of everyone’s responsibility.

Teamwork — Value the contributions of all, blending the skills of individual members in unsurpassed collaboration.