Research Grants

Funding Preferences:

  • Projects directly related to tuberculosis. Occasionally we will fund grants related to other chronic lung diseases.
  • New or pilot projects needing seed money, rather than ongoing program or project funding that could be covered by an established program budget.
  • Research projects that focus primarily on clinical care and outcomes rather than basic science.
  • Projects that focus on the medically underserved and/or economically disadvantaged.
  • Equipment relevant to respiratory assessment, respiratory care, the prevention of respiratory disease or the maintenance of respiratory health. (e.g. spirometers, oximeters, or other similar devices)
  • Projects with a substantial presence in Western Washington.
  • Projects with relatively modest budgets (most awarded grants range from $500 to $20,000)
  • Projects that realistically can be completed within one to two years of funding (most grants are funded for a single year).
  • Projects with established human subjects review approval.
  • Projects with little chance of an alternative source of funding.

Funding Restrictions:

  • The Firland Foundation generally does not fund ongoing salary support. Exceptions to this include: wages for essential research staff, stipends for subjects participating in research trials, and fellowship funding for education and training related to tuberculosis research or clinical care (see Cedric Northrop and Graduate Pulmonary Nursing Fellowships)
  • Firland Foundation does not pay institutional overhead costs (indirect costs).