Past Research Grants

This area of funding addresses our mission of support for medically underserved individuals with chronic respiratory problems.  Research studies are usually conducted by fellows and faculty of the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine and the Division of Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine at the University of Washington in Seattle.  Grants range, on average, from $5,000 to $20,000.  Results of these studies are often presented at international meetings such as the American Thoracic Society and published in refereed journals.  The following list of selected studies illustrates the typical scope of funded studies.



A Pilot Study of Nutritional Supplementation for Malnourished HIV-TB Co-Infected Adults in Senegal. University of Washington (PI: Noelle Benzekri). $22,000

Autophagy, ULK-1, and Pediatric TB. University of Washington (PI: Andrew Graustein). $20,000

TB Needs Assessment among Tribal Communities throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska.  Firland Northwest TB Center (PI: David Horne). $25,000

The Effect of Maternal Antibodies on Infant BCG Vaccine Immunogenicity.  University of Washington (PI: Lisa Cranmer). $20,000

Seattle Pilot Project for Video Observed Therapy.  Public Health Seattle & King County, TB Control Program (PI: Lisa Skow). $74,220


Tuberculosis and HIV Transmission in the African Population in the U.S. Public Health-Seattle and King County/University of Washington (PI: Roxanne Kerani). $14,475

Assessing Effectiveness of Tuberculosis DOTS Program among Public and Public Private Mix Facilities in Karachi: A Cross Sectional Survey. The Aga Khan University (PI: Amin Pethani). $1,953

Mincle and the Human Immune Responses to Tuberculosis. University of Washington (PI: Javeed Shah). $19,000

The Frequency and Mortality Associated with Mycobacterium tuberculosis Genotypes Causing Bacteremia within Hospitalized HIV-Infected Ugandan Patients. University of Washington (PI: Shevin Jacob). $20,187

TB Diagnostics in HIV-Infected Pregnant Women: A Pilot Study.  University of Washington (PI: Sylvia LaCourse). ($20,000)


Tuberculosis Infection and Genetic Variation. University of Washington (PI: David Horne). $14,640

Role of CD1 in Protecting Against Tuberculosis in Infants. University of Washington. (PI: Chetan Seshadri). $20,000

Pilot Study: TB (IGRAs) in HIV-1 Infected Women of Kenya. University of Washington. (PI: Grace John-Stewart) $19,875

Chronic Lung Diseases


Development of a Low Cost Ultrasonic Spirometer. CitizenMedical. (PI: Chris Hallberg). $23,910

Childhood Interstitial Lung Disease at Seattle Children’s Hospital: A Retrospective and Prospective Study of Diagnosis, Treatment and Outcomes. University of Washington/Seattle Children’s Hospital. (PI: Jennifer Soares). $20,000

The Role of TGF Beta Signaling in Hyperoxia-Induced Lung Injury and Fibrosis. University of Washington/Seattle Children’s Hospital. (PI: Laurie Eldredge). $19,986


Pro-inflammatory, Pro-remodeling, and Oxidative Stress Profiles of Bronchial Epithelial Cells Obtained from Asthmatic and Non-Asthmatic Children to Urban Particulate Matter Exposure. Seattle Children’s Hospital/University of Washington (PI: Kensho Iwanaga). $19,009

Yoga as a Therapy for Adolescents and Young Adults with Cystic Fibrosis: A Pilot Study.  Seattle Children’s Hospital, University of Washington. (PI: Jennifer Ruddy) $19,970